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Who is Americomm Systems, Inc.?

Americomm is a full service, customer minded Telecommunications Corporation. We are committed to providing the best possible service and solutions regarding your phone system, voicemail, cabling, and your entire voice and data infrastructure. Whether it’s a 2 line phone, a 200 line feature rich PBX or a state of the art VoIP solution, Americomm has it covered.

Americomm has grown by leveraging voice and data technology to meet the continuing and growing needs of today’s businesses. However, Americomm sets itself apart from the competition by achieving success the old fashioned way. Our main concerns are the client’s technical solutions and satisfaction. By focusing on those two ideas, our success was inevitable. Everyday we come into the office with over 1000 things on our minds; our clients.

On a Mission

Americomm Systems, Inc. has but one simple mission; to establish the trust of our clients by providing honest, ethical, and excellent service when, where, and how they need it. Our success and fortune is tethered to that of our clients.

President’s Message:

In 1990 my wife Lori and I started Americomm in Simi Valley, California. As a military trained telecommunications expert my goal coming out of the Air Force was to get a good job in the civilian world and live happily ever after with my then new wife.

As a civilian technician working for others, I found that most customers, although satisfied with my expertise, were not satisfied with the level of service their vendor, my employer, provided. Overcharging and lousy customer service was the norm, not the exception.

My integrity and business ethic prevented me from helping these companies as I would have liked, so I decided to start Americomm. Within a few weeks, Americomm’s calendar was full and has been ever since.

Americomm has enjoyed continued growth every year since its beginning. Our philosophy had proven to be true; if the client is happy, everyone is happy. Our success is simply a by-product of this.

With technology rapidly changing, imagine having a trustworthy team of experts to partner with going forward! After all, we’re going there anyway.