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Celebrating over 30 years in the telecom industry, Americom does much more than just install phones. For decades Americom has served clients in a consultative capacity, helping clients find the perfect combination of services, all things considered, for the best overall voice and internet solution.

Our decades of constant interaction with over 200 voice and data service providers gives Americom the inside scoop on the good, bad and ugly. Our advice is complete, thorough and unbiased and 30 years
 strong. Americom works for you, exclusively! Think of us as your ‘mole on the inside’.  


Americom installs quality products from proven industry giants like Polycom and Cisco. We ensure that we only provide the best quality of products to our customers, so that the transition from traditional phones to VoIP is seamless and hassle-free. By using our top of the line equipment with VoIP, you can enjoy higher quality phone calls all at a lower price.


Americom provides solutions based on two things: our clients’ needs and the options available. By providing our clients with every option that is available, we are confident that we can satisfy the Voice Over I.P. needs of anyone. 

Why VoIP?

The benefits and savings of Voice Over I.P. are truly endless. Small businesses switching to VoIP often save around 40% on their phone bills compared to traditional phone companies! The world is heading in the direction of VoIP and with more consumers and companies making the switch every year, there has never been a better time to make the switch..