Americom Communications, inc. Hosted Voice Over I.p.

​​​The Voice Over IP revolution is here! The VOIP industry is currently worth over 75 billion dollars, and is only continuing to grow every year. Small businesses who have switched to VOIP for their phone service, have reported 40% in savings compared to traditional phone companies, and save up to 90% on international calls. These types of statistics aren’t rare. With so many companies and consumers switching to VOIP, it’s easy to see that this is the future.

Greg Gonzales founded the telecommunications company Americom back in 1991, and has been working in the telecommunications field ever since. Greg and the team at Americom have seen the world go through drastic changes in their field. The world has gone from using landlines as the primary source of communication, to email, to instant messaging, and finally to VOIP and video calling. Suffice it to say, Greg is an expert. His company Americom has been around since before VOIP was even released on a consumer level back in 1995. He has seen the changes in communication technology and adapted with the times; continuing to provide cutting edge service to clients at affordable rates.

Well, all this sounds good, but you may be asking, “What is Voice Over IP?” Let me explain how it works. What VOIP does is this: while you’re on a call, it takes your voice and breaks it up into tiny little “packets.” These packets of voice data are sent to the IP address on the other end, where the packets are “glued” back together to replicate your original voice. It does all of this near instantaneously, and due to the way that VOIP processes audio, often provides a much clearer sounding voice than traditional phone calls.

Pretty amazing right? VOIP not only is cheaper, but it also provides higher quality audio. VOIP really is the future. Right now in 2016, no one would argue that we are indeed in the age of the Internet. Voice Over IP is a technology that’s inevitably taking over the current Phone Industry, and there has never been a better time to ditch your traditional carrier and switch to VOIP.

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